Choosing Our Stroller

Picking out a good stroller and carseat is something I was both looking forward to, but also overwhelmed with. Over the past four months, I have read more blog posts, watched more YouTube videos, and stalked more people on Instagram to figure out what stroller would be best for us and best for baby. We decided that the Nuna Mixx and Nuna Pipa Light would be the best for us.

Travel System Stroller

I knew from the very start that I wanted a travel system stroller. This means that the car seat can actually snap into the stroller frame. Our baby is due in December, so the last thing I want to do in the cold of winter is have to take my baby out of the seat to put it in a stroller. I can keep the baby snug and warm by keeping it in the car seat and snapping it into the stroller frame. The stroller does have a seat that I can choose to use instead of the car seat and it can be used when they are infants because it can lay flat. Some travel strollers you cannot use the seat it comes with because it does not lay flat for infants. I liked that this one has both options.

Safe for Infants

Instead of needing to buy a bassinet to go with this stroller, I can use the carseat or the seat the stroller comes with right away safely with the baby. You can attach the carseat using an adapter, or you can tilt the seat the stroller comes with all the way back and fold up the foot rest to be come a safe, flat bassinet-like seat for the baby.

Folds Easy

The Mixx can fold quickly and compactly in two easy steps. It doesn’t take up all the room in the trunk and you can roll it when it is folded. You can also fold it if the seat is facing forwards or backwards which is nice. It’s not very heavy, but there are some stroller options that are lighter.

Baby Can Face You

One of my favorite features is that when the baby is young, you can flip the seat it comes with to have the baby facing you. A lot of strollers don’t have the option to flip the seat to face you, but I really want to keep my eye on baby, especially when it is very young.

Car Seat is Top Rated & Light

The Pipa Light is the lightest car seat in the world and also one of the highest in safety ratings. It only weighs 5.3lbs! It has a true lock base, and also features a stability leg that helps absorb shock and minimizes the force to the baby in an accident. The seat is made with high performance materials that are smartly sourced with no added chemicals. Baby H will be safe and snug, and my arm won’t fall off carrying baby around in it.

Nuna Mixx 2019 (special Nordstrom edition)

Nuna Mixx 2019
(special Nordstrom edition)

Car seat clicked into Mixx stroller base

Car seat clicked into Mixx stroller base

Nuna Pipa Lite LX

Nuna Pipa Lite LX