Gender Reveal & Name

The days and weeks leading up to our 20-week appointment were filled with anxiety and excitement. I was so excited to find out what we were having and to see our baby on the sonogram screen (it had been 8 weeks!). I was also feeling anxious because the anatomy scan is so important and a lot of people find out then if there are any issues with your growing baby. Our 20-week appointment went great and it was actually the quickest appointment we have had to date! We found out that we were having a sweet baby boy. Thankfully, we had wanted to find out at the appointment because as soon as we started the sonogram it was clear that we were having a boy with the way he was positioned.

Telling our families in-person the gender of the baby was really important to us. Everyone was available and able to meet for brunch the Saturday after our appointment. Since we were doing the reveal at a restaurant, we thought it would be easiest and best to have our moms open a box full of blue balloons as the big gender reveal. Our parents didn’t know that we would also be revealing our baby’s name then. We decided to take one of the sonogram pictures and put his name over the image and get it framed nicely for them so that they would be their first picture of their grandson.

Deciding on our baby’s name was actually something that was easy for us. We had a boy name and a girl name picked out even before our 12-week appointment. Our son’s name will be Oliver Jonas Haun. We actually got that name from a Netflix TV show called the Arrow. The main character is a vigilante similar to Batman that fights crime and bad guys using a bow and arrow. We had watched that show together and liked the name a lot. There also used to be a German soccer player named Oliver Kahn that my husband liked to watch during the World Cup in 2008. His name sounds like our last name and Oliver flows nicely with it. For the middle name, we wanted it to be something that started with a “J” because my husband’s does and his father’s does as well. We thought it would be nice to pass that tradition on to our children.

We loved sharing the gender and baby name with our family. Here are some pictures and videos from that special day. My husband’s grandmother had the idea for the boards that we all held. We plan on getting pictures with my grandmothers similar during our baby shower in October.