Free Phone Wallpapers

Happy First Day of Spring!

Here in Northern Virginia, January-February felt like Spring and the beginning of March felt like Winter. The weather has been very confused, but I'm so glad that it is officially Spring now. To celebrate, I've created TWO FREE, Spring inspired phone wallpapers that you can download and display proudly on your phone. 

How to upload images as your Wallpaper(S):

  1. Click the image(s) above to download
  2. Press finger on image and tap Save
  3. Go to Settings app
  4. Tap "Wallpaper"
  5. Tap "Choose a New Wallpaper"
  6. Tap "All Photos"
  7. Find downloaded wallpaper(s) and tap to select
  8. Zoom in/adjust how you'd like it and tap "Select"
  9. Choose if you'd like to use it as your Home Screen wallpaper or the Lock Screen wallpaper
  10. Now your phone is fresh, pretty, and ready for Spring!

Personally, I've made the stripes wallpaper my Lock Screen background, and the succulent wallpaper my Home Screen wallpaper. I may have intentionally designed them to work well together :)