Current Obsessions

Sometimes you just gotta...


six recent purchases that I am obsessed with:


1. DIFF Eyewear Sunglasses

My husband and I got DIFF sunglasses for Valentine's Day. They were having a great sale (buy one, get one free). We both have been looking for quality, polarized glasses for some time and couldn't pass up this deal. I've seen these glasses all over social media. They get endorsed quite frequently by Bachelor alumni (yes, I still watch it and follow them on Instagram) and other media "celebrities."

I love the mirrored lens look. I got the Charlie in Matte Black frames with blue reflective lenses. What I love most is that DIFF is that they are charitable. For every pair of glasses that they sell, they provide reading glasses to people in need in Botswana. I love being able to support a great cause, especially since Africa has a very special place in my heart. Technically, we were able to buy 4 pairs of glasses for $85. Not bad at all. 


2. Ruffle Front Military Jacket

Recently, I looked in my closet and noticed I didn't really have a spring jacket. I do have a wonderful trench, but I wanted something shorter to have some variation in my wardrobe. I searched my favorite go-to places online and found this jacket at Banana Republic. I love the army green color and the field jacket look. I'm obsessed with the ruffle—adds a nice, feminine detail. It takes a jacket that could be kind of boring (as field jackets can kind of be) and elevates it. As a designer, I appreciate that. It fits true to size and is a great weight.  


3. Perforated Sneaker

I sprained my ankle at the end of January and was getting tired of wearing lace-up sneakers everywhere while my ankle heals. I wanted something cute, comfortable, and a little more stylish while keeping my ankle happy. I'm traveling to Chicago soon and need something cute to wear while exploring the city. I saw these online and knew that they were exactly what I was looking for. I also love the perforation detail of these. They are a perfect shoe to transition into Spring/Summer. This shoe is also available in 7 colors too, so there is an option for every taste. I got them in a half size smaller than normal because my foot is very narrow.

Sperry is a brand that I've sported for years. They are great quality and last forever. Even though these are a little bit on the expensive side, I know that I will be wearing these for years to come. Investing in a quality brand is important to me, because over time I'll actually save money not buying a replacement.

If you don't want to spend $75 for this exact pair. Here are several other less expensive options:
Steve Madden


4. Bare Minerals matte Lipgloss

Since it is now Spring, I wanted a lipcolor that was a brighter pink, but also went well with my skin tone. I have cool shades to my skin, and the lipcolor "Frenemy" is actually described as a "cool pink." 

I've gotten other matte lipcolors before and have felt like they were so drying on my lips. The color would settle into the cracks of my lips and get flaky over time. That's not cute. Thankfully, I can say that this matte lipcolor is VERY different than the others that I've tried before. My lips actually feel hydrated and don't dry out. It feels like you are almost applying a mousse to your lips. The color lasts pretty much all day. I can apply before work and still see it on my lips at the end of the day. I would probably touch up though if going out after work. I highly recommend this product if you looking for a new lipcolor.


5. Tassel Earrings

Tassle earrings are everywhere right now. My sister is getting married in June, and I wanted to jump on the tassle earring bandwagon (my excuse to have a reason to buy new earrings). I've seen a lot of beaded tassle earrings on Instagram, but I wanted something a little different—something that a lot of people probably wouldn't have. I saw a blogger post these earrings and fell in love. They come in three different colors and I love the classy, boho vibe that they have.


6. AERIN Mediterranean Honeysuckle Rollerball

Nordstrom's marketing got me on this one! I received their magazine in the mail and it had a sample of this perfume in it. I always loving smelling those little samplers, so I tore it open and immediately became obsessed. Like I mentioned before, I'm traveling to Chicago soon and plan on only bringing a carry-on because it's a quick weekend trip. I didn't have any perfume small enough to be allowed unchecked on an airplane. When I buy perfumes, I always get the biggest bottle because it really is the best value for your money (even though sometimes it seems very expensive). I wasn't ready to go all out and spend $165 on the 3.4oz because I have another perfume, and I like to finish one perfume before buying another. But... this was the perfect excuse to try a new perfume and have one for traveling. 

It's a very light, floral, citrus-y scent. It makes me feel like I'm on vacation when I wear it—like a vacation to a tropical, all-inclusive resort.

I've worn it several times now, received compliments every time, and it lasts all day. 

If you are thinking about treating yourself in the near future, I would definitely recommend any of the above products. I feel like they were all great investments and things I will enjoy over and over again.