African Woven Baskets

About two years ago, my husband and I took a missions trip to The Gambia, Africa. It was definitely the greatest adventure I have ever been on and would love to one day return. One thing that I do regret is that we didn't really purchase any authentic items to remember the trip by. Now that we have a home to decorate, I really wish I had something to proudly display from Africa. 

Recently, I have been seeing a lot of images of people hanging handmade baskets on the wall as decoration, and I love the look of it. There are baskets that are very natural colored and others that have fun pops of color woven in. The patterns that can be designed are beautiful and so unique. Personally, I would go for a more natural colored basket, but mix and match patterns to create some visual interest and additional texture. 

Even though I did not buy any baskets when we were in country on our trip to Africa, thankfully, we can still do so and support local artisans through different organizations on the Internet.

Here are several options:

Please, whenever you can, support local artisans or organizations that help empower the impoverished. Even though we left Africa without any souvenirs, we can still help support The Gambia and other African nations online through numerous organizations.