Five Hats Every Woman Should Own

Here are five classic, timeless hats that every woman should have in their closet and wear for years to come (click on the hats for direct links):

Baseball Hat

  • Great year-round style
  • Provides sun protection
  • Perfect for running errands or working out
  • Keeps hair out of your face
  • Look for one that does not have a logo on it, so it can be worn for years to come




Classic Beanie

  • Helps keep you warm in fall/winter
  • Can be styled with anything and look trendy




Straight Brim Hat

  • Great year-round
  • Look for one made of wool—it'll keep you warm in the cold, and also repeals moisture when it's hot




Packable Sun Hat

  • Perfect for warm weather adventures
  • Provides protection the sun
  • Completes any beach outfit




  • Helps pull together any outfit year-round
  • Can be dressed up or down
  • Look for a classicly styled hat that can be worn with anything