Floral Baby Shower Invitation

This summer, I had the privilege of designing custom baby shower invitations for one of my best friends from college. My friends who were hosting the shower sent me several examples of what the mom-to-be liked on Etsy. As a treat, I offered to design the invitations. I love being able to serve my friends with my design skills. 

I ended up purchasing the Peaches and Cream Flower Graphic Set from one of my favorite design resources—Creative Market.

Some of you might be wondering—"why not create all the flowers yourself? Aren't you a designer?" My answer—why reinvent the wheel? If someone else has already done a beautiful job designing an asset that I can purchase and utilize, I'd rather do that.

What is great about this design set is that it is very flexible. There are literally thousands of ways to combine, manipulate, and create graphics with this asset. Now that I own rights to use it, I can create other graphics in the future with it. 

Below is the invitation (names changed for privacy)—I couldn't be more thrilled with how it turned out! This is definitely one of my favorite invitations that I have designed.

If you are interested in custom invitations, please contact me. Invitations and custom prints are some of my favorite things to design in my free time. 

Here is another invitation design that I created for my sister and her husband.