Dining Room Décor Poll

My dining room is due for a major design face-lift. We have had a blue hutch and clipboard artwork on the wall for about two years now. Our dog crate is in the corner (I'd like to DIY a table to go around the dog crate, similar to this). Our table is not centered under our new light fixture. Things feel off-balanced. It's bothering me. 

I have several ideas on how to update the space, and I need YOUR help. Below are two different design inspirations and I need you to vote which one you like best. You can vote by commenting below on this post or by leaving a comment on this Instagram (INSERT LINK). 

Option 1: A large, statement piece of art

With our ten foot ceilings and open floor plan, a large piece of artwork will not overwhelm our space. A big, statement piece of artwork would help draw the eye as visitors walk in the front door across our house. It will add interest without feeling claustrophobic. It could look really classy and add sophistication to our dining room.

Here are some images for inspiration to help illustrate this idea:

Option 2: Gallery wall

Gallery walls are a very popular in home décor. Done well and they can really showcase some interesting pieces of art and add visual style to your home. If we were to create a gallery wall in our dining room, I'd mix colors, patterns, textures, and shapes to take full advantage of the space on the wall, but carefully lay it out so that it doesn't become too busy or off-balanced. 

Here are some gallery walls in dining rooms that have been designed well:

Which option should I implement in my dining room?
Comment below or here.