Dining Room Décor Results

After posting a poll to Instagram and Facebook, my dining room décor poll was about 50/50 in the results. After careful consideration, we have decided to move forward with the large statement piece of art! I've even made my section online. We are saving some money to complete this, because a large wall mural is not cheap, but I've designed a mock-up of how I envision the back wall of our dining room looking. 


Wall Mural: Society 6  |  Chandelier: Wayfair  |  Faux plant: Amazon  |  Dog Crate Table: DIY

What is really great about this design, is that you'll be able to see it from our front door. I think it will make great impact and visual appeal. We do have a lot of blues, grays, and gold accents around our house so this will tie everything together quite nicely. The greenery of the plants will add a nice natural touch. I am getting faux plants because some house plants can be toxic to animals. 

We will be getting rid of the blue armoire (free to anyone that can pick it up!) and repurposing the clipboard artwork in another location of our house. 

Thank you to everyone who cast a vote! Be sure to follow my Instagram account for updates!