My Travel Essentials

This later this Summer and throughout the Fall, I will be traveling for three different events. September, I will be heading to Atlanta for a work conference. In October, I will be traveling to L.A. for the Adobe Max Conference. At the end of November and into the beginning of December, my husband and I will be headed to Cancún, Mexico for a little vacation. Needless-to-say, all of these upcoming trips have me planning on what I'll be bringing with me in my carry-on bag. I like to be organized and have already made a list of the essential items that need to go into my bag. Having this already planned out, eases my mind, and helps me to create a checklist to make sure I have everything with me that I need.

Carry-on Bag

First, you need a great carry-on bag. For two of my upcoming trips, I'm going to need to bring my laptop with me. My bag needed to be something that could fix my 15" MacBook Pro and keep it safe. I also didn't want a bag that was "over designed." To me, this means having way too many organizational pockets that I ultimately won't use. I needed a bag with some organization, but not 15 compartments. The carrying straps were another important deciding factor for me. I didn't want a cross-body should strap or straps that would be too short to go over my shoulder. I wanted something I could comfortable fit over my shoulders to keep it close to me.

I ended up purchasing the Herschel Bowen Bag. This bag has two exterior pockets, and an internal split design with mesh storage compartments. It even has an external zip compartment that converts into a luggage trolley sleeve. I can easily fit several outfits, an extra pair of shoes, my laptop, and all of my other travel essentials.

Clear Organizing Bags

Next, you'll need some clear organizing bags to put your essential liquids, medication, and cords in to get though security quickly and easily. These ones are great. I like to put my Drunk Elephant Littles in one. My power cords for my laptop (if I'm bringing it), apple watch, and cell phone go in another bag. Any medication (I always travel with Emergen-C) and sanitation wipes in the last one. Organization is so important while traveling. It helps to find important items quickly and easily without having to dump out your entire bag. 

Other essential items in my carry-on