Sephora VIB Summer Sale

The Sephora VIB Summer Sale is a special sale only available to their rewards program’s top two tiers—VIB and Rouge. VIB members get a 15% off coupon, and Rouge members get 20% off and early access to the sale. To become a VIB member, you must spend at least $350 in a calendar year. For Rouge, you need to spend $1,000. To my husband’s horror, I am a Rouge member. This is mainly due to purchasing fragrances and Drunk Elephant skincare products throughout the year. What’s great about the sale is that you can use your discount as many times as you want through August 27th when it ends.

One item that I will definitely be purchasing during the sale is a new fragrance. I’m almost out of my Spring/Summer fragrance and it’s time for something new for the Fall/Winter. I received a sample of the BVLGARI Omnia Crystalline a while back from Sephora. I recently started trying it and have loved it! Another bonus—my husband loves it too! He rarely shares his opinions on makeup, clothing, smells, anything girl related, so for him to say something says a lot. Every time I would wear it, he would comment at how good I smelled which makes me feel really confident and beautiful. According to Sephora, Omnia Crystaline belongs to Fresh fragrance category and has notes of Lotus Blossom and Bamboo. It’s definitely a scent that is easy to wear, not overpowering, and appropriate for every day.

I’m debating getting a new foundation as well. I love my Bare Minerals mineral powder foundation, but it gets everywhere in our bathroom. I’d like to switch to a liquid foundation and a pressed powder to alleviate some of the mess I’ve been making every day while getting ready. I’m thinking about trying Flawless Lumière Radiance-Perfecting Foundation and then finishing it with the Smooth Finish Foundation Powder from Laura Mercier.

Another item that I will be purchasing is the Olaplax No. 7 Bonding Oil. I’m about out of my basic hair oil that I got from Target, but I feel like I need to invest in a quality hair oil that actually helps improve my hair. I highlight, using heat products, and style my hair nearly every day. It definitely gets damaged and could use some TLC. The No. 7 Bonding Oil is a new product at Sephora that protects colors, eliminates frizz, and provides heat protection—all things that I definitely need. A lot of oils for your hair mask issues, but this actually works to repair your hair and bond the breakage that happens when we color and style our hair.