15 Instagram Accounts That Influence Me

Instagram is my favorite social media platform. I love scrolling through posts and watching the instastories. I follow a lot of people (1,790 accounts and counting). Recently, I've noticed that I have been been focusing on certain accounts to follow more closely. These accounts are the ones that I'll always watch their story or "heart" their images.

I really love the way these women style themselves. A lot of these women have great hearts too, and share meaningful content that I can connect with on a deeper level. I love going to their websites (which are all beautifully and intentionally designed) and digging deeper into their content that they are sharing on Instagram. I could also see myself being friends with all of these women (I know that sounds a little weird), but I really do mean it.

Check out these influential women
(in no particular order):

What Instagram accounts do you find yourself drawn to?