The Redesign Story

I have redesigned my website four different times since I have started it. Initially, my website was my portfolio. It showcased my college and freelance graphic design projects to help me get my job. In the last year, I shifted my focus to create a blog. 

Originally, my blog was going to share my home projects (we bought our first home in February 2016). It was fun to share the many DIY projects that we were tackling as we were making our house a home. I also started sharing my favorite recipes that I like to make at home and for events. I still like to blog about that, but it started to get a little boring and uninspiring for me.

Instagram is my favorite social media platform. I love following fashion and lifestyle bloggers. I get a lot of inspiration and energy from the women that I follow on Instagram. It became a dream of mine to start posting more content about fashion and style that I enjoy. I recently made that dream a reality. I'm no fashion or style expert, but sharing great quality, affordable products is something that I am passionate about. 

Last week, I decided to do a whole website refresh to help showcase my content better. My previous design had pretty scrolling pictures on the home page, but you had to scroll down to see what my latest blog posts were about. My blog page was boring and the template was too restrictive. I realized that my website's purpose of sharing valuable content was not being properly reflected in my design. 

I started digging deep into my favorite blogger's sites. Some of these women have over 1 million social media followers. They have very intentionally designed their sites with their audience in mind. I know that my blog following is no where near that, but I also believe that my site should look like what I aspire and dream it to be. The ease of navigation and searching for content needed to be drastically improved.

Here's what I tried to incorporate in my site's refresh from my research:

  1. A clean, sophisticated look (no more handwritten fonts or crazy colors)
  2. No more pointless scrolling pictures (they were pretty, but really served no purpose)
  3. Top navigation that includes topical links and search function
  4. Highlight my latest blog posts at the top of the page
  5. In my blog posts, link to similar posts at the bottom

Another initiative that I have started is to make my social posts reflective of this new design. I want my brand to be clear and consistent everywhere. 

I really am loving how everything is turning out. I feel like I have a new sense of confidence in the content that I am putting out. I feel creatively energized and ready to build more content.

What do you think of the new design?