Collateral Materials

Airport & Billboard Advertisements

Created advertisements that helped raise brand awareness and drive traffic at events

Trade Shows

Updated all trade show graphics to highlight new corporate messaging and branding

ScienceLogic Symposium 2017

Developed custom signage for event and reduced printing costs by 80% by finding a more creative and cost-effective way to brand the event

Care Net National Conference 2018

Created modern event branding and managed production of collateral resources


Survey Results

Designed infographics based on survey results

ScienceLogic Customer Service Posters

Created a series of posters infographics that emphasize the importance of customer service

Direct Mail

Targeted campaigns created to support complex donor fundraising


Created custom logos that aligned with corporate branding, but were also unique

Social Graphics

Drive traffic to events, blog posts, white papers, and website by creating custom social graphics that align with branding

Apparel Design

Designed popular apparel that was handed out at events to assist lead generation


Designed two Nascar car shell schemes, racing uniform, social promotional graphics, and custom event signage to help create successful events for prospective clients